StickyCoders keeping you In The Loop!

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StickyCoders keeping you In The Loop!

Hello you beautiful Coders.

The last bunch of tech news had some over reactions (I’m looking at you Instagram logo) and awesome announcements. Here’s some of our favorite round ups of tech news to munch on!

We here at StickyCoders take full advantage of the UBER rides when we need to, and it looks like Wal-Mart is doing the same. The latest news regarding the consumer giant’s annual meeting regarding projects included testing out grocery deliveries using UBER and LYFT. This shouldn’t be a big surprise since competitor Amazon just recently came out with Amazon Prime Now in certain locations in the United States, making it easy and quick to get what you need to your door step (more about that in a previous post you can find here). Wal-Mart is taking a page out of Amazon’s book and taking it slow to test this program – it will be available in select cities.

Speaking of UBER, the app is hugely popular in Saudi Arabia due to the government’s ban on women driving. The app provides services to help women get around the country. Something that did not go unnoticed by the Saudi government, they decided to make a $3.5 billion investment into UBER hoping to cash in on the popular app. More about this controversial investment can be found here.

In some lighter news, something big is coming…brace yourselves for the new unicode emoji wave! The new Unicode 9.0 will include some icons we didn’t think we even needed, like a juggler? Some of course are openly welcomed…how did we get this far in society without having a bacon emoji? Mind blowing.

And finally, a quick heads up to any of you coders elbows deep in deadlines that may have missed out on some very important news: Myspace and Tumblr were hacked! This breach surpassed the LinkedIn hack, remember those 117 million hacked accounts? Well this hack-tastrophy affected 360 million accounts. The information has already showed up on the dark web to be sold, yikes. Ah, and you thought the only cringe worthy thing about Myspace was your emo phase you documented using high angle bathroom selfies. Welp, time to dig deep into the corners of your mind and regurgitate that sweet 2004 band-related user name and password to ensure that it’s not linked to anything important!

If Instagram gets hacked then cats everywhere are screwed! #secureyourinstagramcataccount

What were the stories that stood out to you in tech this week? What types of stories would you like us to include to keep you #intheloop? Tweet them to us @StickyCoders using the #StickyNews hashtag!