Step 1: 56,033 coders. Step 2: 45 questions. Step 3: Profit.

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Step 1: 56,033 coders. Step 2: 45 questions. Step 3: Profit.

Hello you beautiful coders,

We were lounging around the office (that’s what I call the living room of Ventana Design‘s co-owners) when the topic of Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey Results of 2016 came up. If you haven’t heard of the survey before I highly recommend you spend a few moments running through it. Arguably as visually satisfying as Steve Wozniak’s peppered beard (pretty damn satisfying).

As the title prefaces – this year’s survey took the opinions of 56,033 coders from 173 countries. Granted it pertained to mostly English speaking developers, the Stack Overflow site receives 40 million visitors per month, so it seems safe to say that the results are pretty relevant!

Here’s a few of my favorite tid bits from the survey. In professional bullet point format, so you know it’s good.

  • Full-stack developers utilize  5 to 6 major languages confidently, all other types of developers average 4 languages.
  • Only 2.5% of all developers are iOS Mobile Developers! And 0.1% are Windows Phone Mobile Developers.
  • JavaScript is the most popular developing language being utilized! No surprise here, they also earned this title in 2015, 2014, and 2013. Unless you deal with math and data, then it’s Python.
  • In contrast, Rust wins again this year as the most beloved programming language. We here at StickyCoders are excited to see Swift in second place…we love that language!
  • 9.8% of people learning coding languages consider themselves to be Ninjas. Clearly a rising threat.
  • Developer Ninjas love to Growth Hack. An interesting bit of information for those who are interested in sneaky business expansion attacks.
  • The biggest bulk of developers are 27-29 years old.
  • Star Wars and Star Trek developer fans seem to be generationally divided. Today’s youth love Star Wars, but Old School Star Trek fans could care less.
  • There’s not a lot of ladies doing code – but Stack Overflow does point out that this is an under representation from the population of women currently in the developer workforce.
  • An overwhelming 69.1% of people are self-taught coders! Go us!
  • The Facebook engineers who made React must be proud of their language getting the title of Top Trending Tech. Good thing they open sourced it.
  • We also found out that if you want to make some big bucks you should be looking into Spark and Scala! Looks like tech used in financing is really making some doe for people.
  • Notepad++ and Visual Studio were the most popular developmental enviornments.
  • We also saw that developers seem to lean towards Mac OS X slightly more than Windows 7 and Linux.
  • The biggest chunk of developers in this survey are already full time employees. But, we seem to be fickle creatures, since globally 63.1% of us are open to new job opportunities! Or as Stack Overflow put’s it “I’m not actively looking, but I am open to new opportunities” …some kind of relationship joke should be made here…I just don’t have it yet.
  • Even though money is the big motivator for developers when looking for job opportunities, Work-Life Balance and Company Culture were in the top three.
  • Nordic developers seem to be less fixated on flashy salaries.
  • No surprise here, but, developers love to learn new technologies! Even though the greatest rated work-related challenge was due to unrealistic expectations. Hmm…sounds spot on.
  • If you are looking for developer friendly and financially friendly cities, look no further than Montreal, Berlin, Pune, and Bangalore!
  • The survey also found that the software products industry is the bulk of developers visiting Stack Overflow, though game developers statistically love their job more than other developers!
  • The top three countries who house remote developers are Argentina, Mexico, and America. It also seems that remote developers love their jobs!

Love me some good old number crunching. What were the most surprising finds for you? Tweet it to us @stickycoders using the #StickyNews