I want it, and I want it (Prime) NOW!

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I want it, and I want it (Prime) NOW!

Hello you beautiful Coders.

Checking out the Prime Now app at the StickyCoder's office!
Checking out the Prime Now app at the StickyCoder’s office!

Welcome to our little slice of the internet. We call ourselves StickyCoders; and we have a blog now. Whaaaat? Freaking YES!

Written by me, Qwerty Cat, the speaker of all things tech.

Yeah, we are expanding. Don’t worry, this isn’t a DLC you have to shell a few bucks for, this blog is free for your eyes to feast upon. Let the techy information buffet begin.

First up, a little something about one of our favorite internet overlords, Amazon.

Seeing as how StickyCoders are a Central Florida based company, this new batch of #StickyNews hits right at our Orlando heart strings…

Amazon’s one-hour delivery Prime Now service has made its way to Orlando! The party has arrived…seven days a week, from the hours of 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. For orders over $20.00.

Amazon’s Prime Now app can tell you if your zip code has the service up and running in your neighborhood. The app is of course available on the iOS and Android.

The nitty gritty of this whole expansion towards our side of town means we can get one hour door deliveries for $7.99! Got some time on your hands? If you can wait the extra hour, two hour delivery is free! Sweet Monty Python! The lazy, yet fast future is finally here!

Imagine the possibilities.

Roommates drink all your milk? Prime Now a gallon (and those delectable Sennheiser headphones you had your eye on) then go about your morning routine! By the time you have showered those sweet cheeks and iron pressed that pant suit, your new gallon of Amazon milk will be at your door step in time for breakfast. Do people still wear pant suits? Or iron? I don’t know. I’m a cat. I just assume those things never go out of style.

Tell us what products you would take advantage of using the Prime Now service in Orlando. Tweet us @stickycoders and come back soon for more exciting news from the world of tech.

– Qwerty Cat

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