About us.

StickyCoders, a product of Ventana Design, was created in the hopes of providing our fellow computer programmers with an easy source for showcasing their skillset on laptops (or whichever surfaces they prefer). After scouting the internet, we realized there weren’t many options that are simple, affordable, and offer uniform designs of several languages and frameworks – so we created them.

The stickers were originally designed as a gift after realizing our Software Developer wanted them but couldn’t find what he was looking for elsewhere. We thought other programmers might be looking for the same thing. As technology is always changing and expanding, we’ve also decided to accept custom requests for various languages and frameworks so that we can continue to build our library to fit the needs of programmers today and tomorrow.

Why you want them.

Why should you plaster your laptop with our stickers? We know it’s becoming more and more common for computer programmers to work within co-sharing office spaces and public locations such as coffee shops. There is also a growing demand for our “nerdy” friends in this modern world and more entrepreneurs, recruiters, businesses, and corporations in need of software and web development work. By showcasing your skillset on the outside of your laptop, you create an opportunity to network with your audience without ever having to look up from your screen.

It’s also just a great way to show off the skills you have been learning and working with on your various projects.

Other things.

Be sure to check out the creators at www.ventanadesign.com and see the other products they are currently working on!